Easy Swap

The most reliable and transparent crypto trading bot.

EasySwap makes trading seamless and protects your portfolio from the high volatility of crypto markets, shielding it from turbulences and ensuring you remain profitable while still having the time to spend on your family and personal life.


The EasySwap token (ESWA) is a utility token used to treat trading signals sent through our platform for automatic trading on pay-as-you-go format. 

All the profit is yours

Trading will be executed on your exchange account (currently Binance and Kucoin) at a
cost of a fixed amount of ESWA.
No strings attached

Your assets. Your custody.

Your crypto will never leave the exchange (Binance and Kucoin). Security is provided by the exchange itself!
Your Keys, your Coins.

What is EasySwap

EasySwap as a product has been spun-off from a private equity office in which it has been intensively and reliably used for more than three years already. Our decision is now to spread our wings and enable the benefits of automated trading, which was previously possible for only high net income people, to the retail market with the same quality, standard, and transparency.


Fixed Supply

Early buyers are hodling!

And community growing stronger

Progressive Discount

Progressive discounts based on hodling score and ESWA Market Cap

is an immutable ERC20 Token

Every transaction is visible on the Ethereum blockchain.
Here is the verifiable transaction where 100% of the supply was sent to Uniswap.

Token Roadmap

EasySwap has a full-stack team distributed worldwide.

Economists, Developers, Designers, and Marketing

19TH JUNE 2020

We are online!

Our website is now Live! Yay!
Litepaper updated with the latest information.

25TH JUNE 2020

Listing in CoinGecko 

We are thrilled to announce that, on June 25th, EasySwap is listed in CoinGecko

29TH JUNE 2020

Signal Channel

We Openned the Signal Channel on Telegram to ESWA hodlers. Minimum requirement of ESWA 1.000 to be a member. This number will be revised as tokenomics is finalized as we wish to be thoughtful of our early investors.

JULY 1st 2020

Liquidity Lock 

We are happy to announce that, on July 1st, the liquidity lock has been fully implemented.

As per community request, we now have a way to keep the liquidity safe. 

The transaction that sent the EasySwap Liquidity pool to the Vault can be verified using this link.

JULY 2020


Beta integration with the auto-trading platform


Launch Hodler Scoreboat


We are System Engineers with 20 years+ experience in fields ranging from Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Blockchain, having worked In 4 continents in Telecom and Banking industries

The project was started as a request of a Private Equity office and as soon as we had a reliable product and potential of opening up to other markets we've decided to move ahead and take the next step

Yes. The team overall sums several years of experience with blockchain programming, cryptocurrencies economics, extensive trading experience on the standard stock market, and cryptocurrencies.

EasySwap offers state-of-the-art technology for trading signals from highly demanding Private Equity funds management to everyone without the high costs of research houses and a conveniently automated platform for trade execution.

If the question is about securing your funds, the answer is: your funds are stored on the Exchange of your trust. We only execute the trades and have no access to withdrawing funds from your account at all. Moreover, we count on secure protocols to protect your data, which consists basically of your Telegram username and the API-key of your Exchange which can be revoked by you at any point in time.

But we have to be bold here: cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile and incipient investment environment. If the question is about the risk of losing money on a market crash, yes it may happen but we have been backtesting and using the algorithms quite intensively even during the BTC all times high pump and crash and it performed much better than Buy and Hold.

We are a business with more than three years of profitable crypto trading signals through a private equity office. The token is a utility token and the demo channel is already live. This is a working product and our profitability is in gathering paying members, not losing them.

As well as for any serious financial business we cannot guarantee future profits based on past results but they are a good indication of the quality of our setup composed of thoroughly tested strategy and AI adapted parametrization that evolves along with the market. Each of the TOP-10 traded currencies has their own settings which are carefully tailored to balance profit potential as well as reduced drawdown percentage

Yes, as well as there can be lost with any trade on the regular or crypto market. If you happen to start on a very bad day you'll be in a loss but our past results show that it recovers quickly and in the long run our strategy is better than Buy and Hold for each and all traded currencies in the platform.

Count on us! The discord channel is set to help you with questions on the product End-to-End. Reach out to us and we'll be happy to coach you through the steps to safely set up your account and start trading with the EasySwap platform.
If you are an expert on UniSwap and EasySwap already reach out to us to join our team of collaborators and earn ESWA for helping others.

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